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Corel Draw Tips: Bitmaps Color Mask for Background Removal

So that you don’t get tired of switching applications just to get rid of a background or background color with a plain color or something else.

Corel Draw Tips - Bitmaps Color Mask for Background Removal

For example, you are using a logo but the logo is only in jpeg format and you want to get rid of the white parts so that they don’t disturb the appearance of the logo or other views. well it turns out that in Corel Draw you can do it, admin also just learned this way for 2 days ago.

First Step - Target Image

Enter your image file, here admin uses the thumbnail from the previous article. well so I will get rid of this dark purple color.

Second Step - Select Bitmaps Color Mask

Click on the image that you want to get rid of the color of course, select the Bitmaps - Bitmaps Color Mask menu

Third Step - Choose the Color to be Deleted

Please check and change to the color according to the illustration that you will get rid of the color of course. with Color Selector on Bitmaps Color Mask, don’t forget please change the number 0 to 100 and click Apply

And it’s done so the color that disturbs the area of your logo or image has disappeared, this is good when you want to change the background or background color.

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