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Auto-Update Profile URL in Clash For Android

Before we discuss further, let’s get to know what Clash For Android is.

CFA stands for Clash For Android, which is an app that has many functions.

One of them is filtering, such as limiting access to certain domains, by giving commands DIRECT/REJECT/PROXY

Besides filtering, this app can also be used for vpn (vmess,shadowsocks,trojan, and snell). and many other functions.

See the Full Features here https://github.com/Dreamacro/clash

How did mantankode get to know CFA

As we know, the world is very wide, but there is no harm in trying to explore the wide world. (funny language - ).

Where the urban world is very expensive if you just follow the flow, so mantankode tried a little bit of this very strong wave. and started to know many of these waves, one of them is Clash For Android (CFA).

After studying and trying, finally understood a little bit what CFA is.

Okay, let’s continue to our discussion topic.

Clash For Android - Membuat Config untuk Profil URL Otomatis Update

2 Types of Rules in CFA

rules or configurations are divided into two options. so we can use them according to our needs.

  1. The First Rule in the form of a file
  2. The Second Rule in the form of a url

But mantankode will explain the second rule, which is the configuration in the form of a url.

The reason for using url configuration in CFA

Admin also previously often used the first rule in the form of a file, but it felt inefficient to make changes. especially where the configuration is installed on several android phones.

A little glance at the url configuration turns out there is an automatic update function, according to the update time rules that we want.

The main configuration and some rules I uploaded in one repo on Github, so I can use that url.

But there is a drawback to putting the main configuration on Github!

Why can I say there is a drawback? because for some reasons the files in our Github repo are public so they can be accessed. meaning our configuration can be used by others, who should have a paid account specifically for personal use. enjoyed by others.

So I deleted the main yaml configuration from github and left only the rules.

So what do I use?

after being confused for seven rounds, finally attracted to love with Gitlab to use its raw feature, so it can be used by the Clash For Android app.

Don’t be confused, just try it

First Step - Register a Gitlab Account

Register a Gitlab Account for those of you who don’t have an account, please register by clicking this link. Gitlab

Already registered? Note your Username. (Example: mantan)

Create a new repo with a private view. Note your Repo name. (Example: cfaku)

Clash For Android - Membuat Config untuk Profil URL Otomatis Update

Click the plus sign / + , then click Upload File, remember to change proxies according to the bug operator that you use. Then upload it to gitlab. (Example: account.yaml)

Clash For Android - Membuat Config untuk Profil URL Otomatis Update

Second Step - Main yaml configuration

Main yaml configuration of course you already have a configuration file right? if not, you can download mantankode’s configuration. [here]

Third Step - Create a Personal Token

Create a Personal Token Please open this url. [here] and create 1 access token and note the code (Example: glpat-yXHeY83pJhsgsjd)

Clash For Android - Membuat Config untuk Profil URL Otomatis Update

Enter All the data below


Then copy the code above

Fourth Step - open Clash For Android Select Profile

Select the Add sign

Select profile URL

Paste the copied result above to the URL and press the save icon.

Wait until the process is finished.

Still Confused Still confused? You can watch the video that I made. Hopefully useful.


Maybe that’s all for this tutorial, hopefully useful. Anyone still confused? I’m waiting for your comments.

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